mattNAME: Matt

AGE: 19


HOME BASE: San Diego, California

TANK: Billabong


JEANS: Cheap Monday


WATCH: Nixon

What are you saving up for the summer? Gas.

What summer trend needs to die? Summer is amazing. I'd like to keep summer trends year round.

What is your dream vacation? Going anywhere that has beaches and clean water with my closest friends.

What sneaker style are you rocking this season? No shoes whenever I can and just rocking Vans.

What is your summer drink? Water.

What inspires your style? Something I can wear at the beach or throw on after and still be able to wear out to party or a concert.

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What city has the best style? Los Angeles.

Who has wack style? Anyone who wears bagg'ns. Google it!

What trend do you want to see die? Girls wearing huge sunglasses.

Most money you ever spent on a single item of clothing? $100 for my Supras.

What is your favorite brand? Levi's makes a good pair of jeans.

What's the most common statement people make about your style? Its simple and it looks clean and fresh.

What's the item currently in your closet you most regret buying? Some baggy shorts I never wear.

What do you see as the next big trend? Hi-tops are hitting big (has everyone already noticed?)

What is your dream job? Retirement.

Last book read? A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway.

What is your trend proof style advice for our readers? Clothes are clothes. Wear whatever you want, but you've got to be proud about whats underneath them!

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