STORE: Fruition

CITY: Las Vegas, Nevada

SINCE: 2005

FOUNDED BY: Chris Julian (Undftd/Stüssy/Pastelle) and Samantha Alonso

PRICES: $$$$ (out of 5)

WHY WE COSIGN: If you're in Las Vegas and you wanna go shopping you have more than a couple options at your disposal. You can hit up one of the malls, like the Fashion Show mall located on Las Vegas Blvd., right across the street from the Wynn Hotel. Or you can hit up one of the many high-fashion boutiques found in the glitziest hotels, also on the Vegas Strip. Or you can venture away from all the fake monuments and pumped oxygen and hit up one of the sickest clothing boutiques in the country, Fruition Las Vegas.

Founded by Chris Julian and Samantha Alonso, Fruition boasts a collection of clothing so diverse in brands, time periods, and styles that you'd hard-pressed to find another store that even comes close to its range. Fruition mixes archival Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Nike originals with the flyest of today's fly shit, including Jeremy Scott, Dr. Romanelli, Henrik Vibskov, Cassette Playa and Ambush. You know all those vintage pieces you see M.I.A. rocking? And all those limited-edition, one- or two-of-a-kind streetwear pieces you see artists like Lupe performing in? Fruition has it all. But the clothes are only a minor part of what Fruition is pushing forth—they're also putting out an entire aesthetic and a new way to think about style. "[It's about] leaving with not only a one-of-a-kind pop accoutrement but also a visual imprint of intellectual future and thought pattern," explains Chris Julian. "It is the shoppers—from Eddie Cruz and James Bond, to Katy Perry and Jeremy Scott, to M.I.A., tAz Arnold and Kanye West—that create the intricate reflection of the spaces' diverse limitlessness in street fashion high and low and an immediate siren that the underpinning theme of change is alive and growing." This dude is deep!

BRANDS CARRIED: Archival Chanel, MCM, Vintage Ralph Lauren, Nike Heritage, Jeremy Scott, Dr. Romanelli, Cassette Playa, Japan Grade Stüssy Surf, Northface, Henrik Vibskov, Ambush, Abstract Originals and more.

Read more deep thoughts from Chris Julian and more pics of Fruition Las Vegas below...

What are your most popular items for the summer?
Many of the silhouettes including the designers we house are all pretty limited in number by design, so we aren't really held to normal fashion and retail rules. Our most popular items are relative to what's happening in your world, in your context and in your vision. You can find an artistically curated reflection of our space at Fruition Las Vegas.


What was the inspiration behind Fruition Las Vegas, and how has it influenced the overall look and feel of your store?
To encapsulate a vivid multi-tiered artistic vision of the young entrepreneur. Speaking words into life and being a true testament to a foundation rooted in passion and the constant search for perfection. Maximizing the power of fashion in order to paint a new language for the style of positivity and leadership in order to engage and empower people from the outside and then the inside. We understand that the look and aesthetic of our store grows in direct proportion to our own lives and so we push as hard as we can day in and day out seeking new ways to paint new pictures, creating new programs and finding new ways to package creative limitlessness.


What are your retail plans for the future?
To proliferate our message abundantly and to maximize the philanthropic and aspirational power of the retail establishment, some of our retail plans have already manifested through other forms unseen to the public. Many of our philosophies and programs are embedded into fashion as we know it and so you will find us constantly developing new, innovative approaches to unearthing our dreams in strategic and thought provoking ways. Not only with regard to our retail plans but more specifically to our collaborations. I think the power of mystery and wonderment are tools we covet in order to strengthen our potency for the future.


What trends can we anticipate for the Fall/Winter 2009 season?
Invigorated blazers and tuxedo jackets. The juxtaposition of formal wear and the attention and accuracy of the distinguished accoutrement.


What do you foresee in menswear in the next 5 years?
The influx of new technology and the unprecedented efficiency of information transfer will ensure that things will be pushed to the human limits. I foresee new tributaries and pockets of untapped gold being opened in menswear and high fashion in general. If not by me by someone else I will be involved with. The attraction to timelessness and the re-articulation of classic American style will always exist, but I am currently more concerned with the unknown. Moreover, the purity of art and the rigidness of fashion coalesce so symbiotically now that in the future it is not too far before the fusion of advanced technology in some form reflects and enhances fashion to create a new window and language. The future is in inspired hands.

4139 S. Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89119
Monday - Saturday: 11 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Sunday: Closed