Happy greatest weekend of the year! Here's some dork explaining how fireworks work. Might help you keep from blowing your face off on Saturday. [Gizmodo]

Kanye is shitting his pants with excitement right now. The Drake vid is killing it, his Louis sneakers sold out the first day and Murakami just made the Kanye bear in gold paint. Hopefully he's going to rant on the humble.[Supreme Being]

WeSC headphones w/ Medicom/Be@rbricks etc. to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Swedes. Slashhy! [High Snobiety]

Belvedere IX continues to co-op the frenchman ANDRÉ by moving the liquore with a Medicom man in pink and black. Dope. [Giltn]

Yep. Kanye interning at the GAP. And by interning, they mean "Also probably designing a collection for them." Does that mean we might get another round of Spike Jones commercials when it drops? That would be awesssssome. [NY Mag]

Nike SB July releases. Ready...Seeeeeeet... [Nice Kicks]