It wasn't too long ago that polo shirts were a yacht-cruising, golf-loving yuppie staple. Thank RVCA, the Cali-based, collabo-happy company (among other cool brands) for making them cool again. The label, which caters to action-sports athletes (and wannabes who like the look), does not limit itself to the typical skater prints and board shorts. Instead, it prides itself on "transcending the boundaries of traditional action-sports apparel."

Today's Buy It Now, for example, is the type of shirt that's comfortable enough to skate in but smart enough to rock on your nightly club crawl. With details like the notched-up sides at the hem and those hypnotizing horizontal stripes—all at a great price— the polo is a no-brainer for the summer. For pics of both colorways and Buy It Now info, see below...

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