Remember those youthful years when you contributed exactly zero dollars to the purchasing of your jeans, and could therefore care less whether they ripped while skating? Well, it's your chance to relive the glory days with today's Buy It Now—a pair of jeans from Quiksilver made specifically to withstand falls, skids, flips, and everything else you can think of.

What are they, made of iron? Nope. The fabric used in these pants is patented Coolmax, which is not only lightweight and stretchy, but also provides moisture control to prevent that sweaty-balls conundrum. Add the rubber-coated buttons that help avoid snags, the bar tacks in high stress points that prevent rips, some black denim to hide stains—well, you got yourself some fly jeans. See below for details and Buy It Now info...

Click here to Buy It Now at, $75