BRAND: C PAS (Collection Pas)

SINCE: June 2009


FOUNDED BY: Pierre Andre Senizergues

WHY WE CO SIGN: We do damage to the planet on the reg, and when it comes to fashion the carbon-numbers are crazy. In 2006, Levi's found that it takes 920 gallons of water and 400 megajoules of energy to create one pair of 501's. Granted, that's somewhat of a hippie spin, but come on. Wearing eco clothing is where everything needs to head. Cue C Pas...

Started by the man who brought you etnies, eS, Emerica, and ThirtyTwo, Pierre Andre Senizergues' new side project is short for "Collection Pierre Andre Senizergues" and is a high-fashion line of eco gear. The price points are off the charts (as any fashion label would be), but by doing a line like this, Senizergues offers an alternative to the luxury brands who are pissing in the proverbial mouth of Mother Nature.

"I wanted the look and feel of the collection to be a reflection of my passion for the environment and design, paying special attention to detail and the quality of materials used," explains Pierre. "C PAS represents a man that wants an edgy, yet classic style who stands at the forefront of this eco-evolution."

C Pas' fall line features clothing that is form fitting and grown, from bespoke suits to tailored casual wear that includes appropriated military fabrics (parachutes, etc.) in addition to organic cottons and wools. The collection will be launching exclusively at Colette to start (in late summer), and will make its way state-side later in the fall.

WHERE TO FIND IT: C PAS, appointments at the Soho Showroom and Colette.



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