There's a stench of rotten eggs in the air and you're afraid to admit it's emanating from your favorite pair of sneakers. After cleaning your kicks, the next step is to keep them smelling fresh. (Keep in mind that this process isn't advisable for all-leather joints like Kanye's LVs.) See below on how to properly remove sneaker funk and the products you need to make it happen...

STEP 1 - CLEANSE THOROUGHLY. Hand-wash shoes inside and out with warm water and a drop of liquid detergent. Just a drop, folks. You don't want your sneaks leaking suds.

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STEP 2 - LET IT MARINATE. Pour a spoonful of baking soda in each sneaker—you part-time crack-dealers know what's up. The baking soda will remove the bacteria stewing inside. Leave overnight; if the sneaker material is canvas then it can be left outside to be sun-dried. Shake out when sneakers are dry.

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STEP 3 - DISINFECT. Spray sneakers with deodorizers specifically designed for foot odor problems after each use.

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STEP 4 - SANITIZE. Here's the important part: Before putting on your socks, apply foot powder like Gold Bond to absorb the moisture from your sweat to prevent itching and the formation of odor-causing bacteria. It's like safe-sex for your feet—this is proactive prevention, people.

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