DURKL and Sabre clothing (two of the more fun brands on this Internet) are teaming up on a $96 pair of sunglasses. They're having a party for them next Friday if you want to try and get them for free though. [DURKL]

New collection by Heelbruise just linked up. [Slam x Hype]

Plan B. (Skateboards) is teaming up with Del Tha Funkee Homosapien (Rapper). [Rad Collector]

Reebok takes inspiration from 7 deadly sins, just in time for the first day of summer (Sunday). [High Snobiety]

Happy 25th birthday, Lomo cam. [The Moment]

Two books detailing everything you ever wanted to know about becoming Hiroshi Fujiwara in fashion, design, and attitude. Kev, we see you. [Slam x Hype]