Commes des Garçons is teaming up with Medicom Toy and Be@rbrick on a new set of jewelry, which looks dope (on the screen or a shelf). But lets get real. If some banging hot chick was wearing this and came up to you and freaked out on your new Air Max's, you'd think it was awesome. Then you go out to dinner and you're like, "Holy crap, this chick likes everything that I do!". And then you go back to your place and things keep getting awesome, until you try hooking up with her, but she won't stop talking about who her favorite skateboarder is, who Pharrell is in the studio with, whether or not you think Chris Brown actually beat up Rihanna, if you think Lohan stole those jewels, what's your favorite New Era? And then you realize that you have to stop worrying about some of this crap. [High Snobiety]

Speaking of, Loopwheeler x Be@rbrick. Cool. [Loopwheeler News]

The Kai Regan x ALIFE t-shirts are awesome. Like get your ass down to the LES-awesome. [Hypebeast]

Let's drink mead and play nature! For $100. And then jump off a bridge. [The Moment]

The new work from Faile kills. Again. On the reg. [Slam x Hype]

Go check JOYRIDE, a multi-location exhibit tonight for the Bicycle Film Festival in NYC, featuring work by Alessandro Simonetti and the homie Erik Foss. [Bicycle Film Festival]