Vans Workwear? News to us, but it looks dope. [Hypebeast]

Urban Outfitters and Dim Mak are launching a new collection. At first thought this one gets a TUIMM (throwing up in my mouth), but they're going to sell the crap out of this crap, so good for them. Non-ironic/ironic Shutter shades for everyone! [High Snobiety]

Example #4billion why your brother-in-law who is an "advertising creative" can suck it. [The World's Best Ever]

Banksy's new show is popping off in Bristol. That's in England, and this theme seems to be "shit". Stay tuned. [Bansky]

Printed Wikipedia. LOL Cats are ROTFLing. [PSFK]

Robert Crumb
's illustrated version of the book of Genesis is ready for pre-order. Chances of seeing Eve doing something not-so-religious? 150% [Amazon]

It's no Gypsy cab racket, but Raekwon the Chef is slinging cars. [Mash Kulture]