First it was all black, then all gray, now it's looking like all brown, or some permutation of the color blocking, is waiting in the wings for those of you who have taken advanced monotone color blocking. New brown/brown 51-30 watch by Nixon, delivering to retail in June. [Zozo/Fieil]

Lance Armstrong's Live Strong x Trek bikes by Kenny Scharf and Shepard Fairey, coming soon. Worlds collide like freight trains in the night (or two friends in a coffee shop). [High Snobiety]

Whoa. Giant 6 foot tall matte black Be@rbricks. I can has that? [Freshness]

The Bape 16th anniversary T-shirt. Is bad. [Honeyee]

Always wondered why SMS text messages were 160 characters? Us too. Not anymore. [Gizmodo]

Alexander Wang for Gap is on the way for June. Yay for Wang! ... Nevermind. [Pink Rock Candy]