Goods (Seattle) takes collaborating to the next step. Ice cream, T-shirts, and skate decks. All in. [Goods]

Google knows if you're going to quit or not. Which means we're all fffd. [Wall Street Journal]

Palm Pre's are going to be coming in at 4 strong per Best Buy. Wow. It's a good thing no one has Sprint. [Crunch Gear]

Good things come to those who wait. ALIFE Rivington Club's new website is live. Spend money! [Rivington Club]

Help Futura 2000 get up. Some more. Logo backpack. Or is this a font advert? [Mash Kulture]

For real, the new F.C.R.B. stuff is sick. [Hypebeast]

Louis Vuitton
's Hong Kong exhibit recap. Dope. [Vagant]