Pandemics aren't usually good for anyone, but there are a few groups turning a bad day into a profitable one with nicely designed versions of dust masks to keep the disease at bay. Why wear a crappy painter's mask when you can rock a Gucci gas mask, right?

If this disease spreads the way we think it will, the amount of money to be made in protective masks is in the billions. Dear Diamond Supply Company, Rogue Status, Nike Sportswear, Mighty Healthy, L-R-G, and Dee + Rickey: get on this, and cash in before this whole mask trend dies out! We've mocked up some ideas for you, modeled by our favorite pig, Officer Ricky Ross. Read on to see the six companies who should cash in on the Swine Flu hype as soon as possible...

• After debuting its Flywire Windrunner jacket at the Beijing Olympics, Nike taught the world that one could have an incredibly lightweight, but still strong, piece of outerwear. When it comes to a Swine Flu mask, you're looking for the same attributes: something that weighs nothing but that will still keep you covered up and never rip. Waterproof/breathable? Oh yes. C'mon Swoosh. Get in there!

• Yo, our homie Nick. Shhh. Click this link. You can buy a 300 count box of these puppies, wrap each one up individually and tell the kids that they're Tiffany-colored. Money in the bank.

• Everyone knows paper masks don't do anything when it comes to actually protecting yourself from disease, so what better way to openly mock the third world than with a designer mask that couldn't possibly work! Legos: $2. Lego Sars/Swine flu mask: $130. Do the math my dudes, you got this.

• The recession is a tough time, and everyone is feeling it. What better way to re-brand and gain a new set of consumers than to get on the back of the hottest disease sweeping the country! "Stay Mighty Healthy, and avoid Swine Flu!" Gold.

• Sure, everyone is doing Swine Flu masks. But is anyone doing a full-face Swine Flu mask? What about you guys! L-R-G x Deer Park Elementary School. We see you.

• You guys have used the gun print on everything, from boxers to snowboard jackets, to T-shirts. You've got to have some excess material kicking around. Turn your scraps into gold!