Do iPhone cases actually protect your iPhone? Maybe. Do they make it cooler? If it's by Fragment, and if it's in the colors of Fall '09, then yeah. [Hypebeast]

The Nike Court Low equals a yes for summer (if you're into simple, perfed lows). Go on, click it. [High Snobiety]

Make the logo wooden. And then act awesome. Go Girl (skateboards)! [Slam x Hype]

The James Bond for David Beckham for adidas Originals by Originals is the worst use of a celebrity name in a long time, but the stuff is sick, so f it (?). Beckham is cool? Nah. UNDFTD is though. [Hypebeast]

Multi touch is better! Buttons are better! Both is better. [Gizmodo]

Ever catch yourself wandering around a Japanese supermarket, unable to read the pictures on the food? Well us neither, but these juice boxes are going to make it way easier to figure out which one is strawberry and which one is banana when we get there. [CScout Japan]

A new set of Ransom x adidas leaks. [High Snobiety]