This year, the all-grown-up brand, Victorinox (you might know it as Swiss Army) celebrates 125 years in the business, which means two things: 1) Crown them king and 2) the brand has seen highs and lows in the global economy that make the current recession nothing more than a blip on the company map. Ever hear of a Swiss bank account? Yeah, that's all these dudes.

In honor of Victorinox holding it down, today's Buy It Now indulges Victorinox's special treatment of one of its premium luggage staples: the travel bag. This piece is mad expensive, so this one might just be for looks, but hit the jump for purchase info, an additional pic of the product and some of the more affordable anniversary pieces (like some sweet LE knives) to help you get your celebration on. Get in there!

Victorinox 125th Anniversary Leather Travel Bag
Click Here To Buy It Now At, $4,000


Victorinox 125th Classic SD pocket multi-tool
Click Here To Buy It Now At, $30


Victorinox 125th 8" chef's knife
Click Here To Buy It Now At, $38.80


Victorinox 125th Infantry Vintage Jubilee Edition Watch
Click Here To Buy It Now At, $950

Web site: Victorinox

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