Cholo style has influenced a lot of recent trends—you know, flannels, Chucks, wallet chains, stabbings...well, maybe not the stabbings, but you get the picture. With summer around the corner, it's not a bad time to start going a little East L.A., eses.

Today's Buy It Now is The Laria Tee from Cali-based skate-apparel brand KR3W. The Laria is actually not a tee, but a 65%-polyester/35%-cotton button-up that you can rock low-key at a BBQ or slyly pass off as a semi-dress shirt. Alternatively, you can fasten only the top button, tie a bandana around your head and play out all your Colors fantasies. Brrrrrrrrrrrrap! For Buy It Now info and detail pics, see below...
Click Here To Buy It Now At, $46

Web site: KR3W Apparel

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