Trek actually planned the District colorway to match our infamous Complex dugout jacket. So we think.

While going "green" isn't always easy, a great way to reduce your carbon footprint is by riding a bicycle instead of driving. Sounds simple, but if you live in a major city, you really have no excuse not to get a bike. So what kind? The ballyhooed fixed-gear movement has become trendy recently, but consider fixed-gears the allover prints of the bicycle world. It makes better sense to invest in something like the all-new Trek District bike, which hits stores in the first week of April.

Our buddy Erik from Trek stopped by last week to give us a sneak-peek at the District, and it is a thing of beauty. But looks aside, what makes it special is that it's Trek's first single-speed, belt-drive (i.e. no chain) bicycle. The District has specs and parts to satisfy bicycle enthusiasts while being user-friendly enough that your mom would have no trouble riding it. Uh, pause. Every aspect of the District has been well thought-out and executed with careful attention to detail. At $929, it may cost a grip, but think of it as a lifetime investment'as long as it doesn't get jacked. For a detailed look at the features of the District, and as a bonus, some pics of the Trek x KAWS bike for Lance Armstrong, see below...
• The belt drive (also used by motorcycles and snowmobiles) is a carbon fiber composite belt reinforced to prevent stretch.
• No bike chain means: no lube, no maintenance, no noise, no worries.
• The District comes equipped with Bontrager Race Lite Hardcase tires and alloy rims.

TREK x KAWS for Lance Armstrong:

Web site: Trek Bicycle