Who remembers Hypercolor T-shirts? For you youngins out there, Hypercolor made shirts that'through the magic of science and Japanese know-how'changed color with heat. It was a pretty cool concept that flamed out once people realized how easy it was to fuck them up in the laundry. Having a random handprint permanently in the middle of your chest is not a good look.

We're reminiscing on this because today's Buy It Now, from Canadian brand Reigning Champ, kind of reminds us of Hypercolor. No, the Gradient Tee does not change colors, but its color scheme and design hearkens back to the '80s style phenomenon. It comes from the dudes who make Wings + Horns and produce stuff for Supreme and Alife, so you know it's top-quality. Plus it won't get ruined in the wash! For detail pics and Buy It Now info, see below...
Click Here To Buy It Now At Haven Shop, $47