In case you hadn't heard, Mickey Rourke is the FOCKIN' man once again. Fresh off his Golden Globe win and Academy Award nom for The Wrestler, dude is out and about. And judging by the above photo, taken in Paris this week, he's hanging with Britney Spears' stylist from 2002.

Like our man Taz Arnold, Mick wears what the FOCK he wants to wear and lets God sort out the rest. His latest look inspired us to take a look back at Mickey's style through the years...

• Era: mid-'80s (9 1/2 Weeks)
• Look: Sophisticated sleazy
• What he wore: Sports jackets over white tees
• Complex co-sign? Worked for Kim B, works for us (in a different way of course)

• Era: early '90s
• Look: Bridge and Tunnel Tarzan
• What he wore: leather vests sans undershirt
• Complex co-sign? Uh, no

• Era: mid-'90s
• Look: "Oversized clothes are in, right?"
• What he wore: Hakeem Olajuwon's sports coats
• Complex co-sign? Nope

• Era: Late '90s, The Rainmaker premiere
• Look: The dapper accountant
• What he wore: Pinstripe suits with a couple too many buttons
• Complex co-sign? Why not?

• Era: 2000
• Look: "Dude, where's my car?"
• What he wore: The same thing for weeks at a time
• Complex co-sign? Shit, we've been that drunk before

• Era: early 2000s
• Look: The gay Terminator
• What he wore: Skinny glasses and purple scarves
• Complex co-sign? Shit, we've been that drunk before