Tonight, if you live anywhere near New York City, go check out the Red Bull SnowScrapers event on the East River. We've seen the jump from the bridge and it looks awesome. It starts at 6, so hustle over there after you get out of work and see superheroes like Travis Rice, Shawn White, and Terje Haakonsen rip this thing to shreds (dude). [Snowscrapers]

Supra basically says, "F you, Internet D-bags, we're leaking our own stuff this time around." And you know what? It worked. Clear, pretty photos and proper names of the full Spring line are online. You can see it on the company site, but we prefer you look at our partner in getting money if you don't mind. [Nice Kicks]

Oh wow. A 250GB Video iPod. That's a lot of Netflix. [Gizmodo]

Is it us or are the Nike 1World Projects getting shittier? Maybe we're just not supposed to see these. American consumers aren't "educated" in the way of paisley, felt-covered Air Force 1s by some company named Maharam. [Sole Collector Forums]

Belvedere IX is launching this weekend in Los Angeles and next week here in New York. It's quite good actually (we tasted it), and gives you the pep you need to make it to 6AM. The French graf artist Andre also designed the bottle. All of these things have potential to make the product cool. Oh wait, you want to use this picture as the promo? Ah, OK, nevermind then. Hahaha. Wow. Nice shades, homie. [Hypebeast]

To be honest, we were never really sure how to wear Y-3 Honja His. Guess what? OAK helped. [OAK NYC]