Most of us watched the Sopranos when the show dropped, but just in case you've been catching up with A&E's censored version, director Victor Solomon put together a nice little reel of every curse, ever, in the Sopranos. It's long, and it's awesome. [Victor Solomon]

Check the new adidas Consortium collection. We're guessing that there is a story to this stuff, but for now all we can say is, "Um....." [High Snobiety]

Haze just got up at the Stussy store in Las Vegas. [HAZE]

OK. So this looks very very cool. Artist JR just did some crazy installation work in Kenya. A must see. One thought for the artist: "So now that you took my picture and turned my slum into a giant art project, do you think I could get a sandwich?" [Supertouch]

Love is a beautiful thing? Trouble x Santogold. [Slam x Hype]

Two girls tried to tell me last night that Shepard Fairey is the reason why Obama got elected. Wow. How does that saying go again? Being retarded is bliss? Check the latest GIANT attack. [Boston Globe]