New The Hundreds gear is up, up, up. [The Hundreds]

WeSC x Stash, now with Goooold! Not sure if this is super cool, or just plain wierd, but if you're in Vegas for Magic, stop by the release party at the Palazzo club, LAVO (Pase Rock and Cobra Snake). Tell the doorman you're with Gregor. [Freshness]

Nerds are the best. These Germans hacked the Wii Fit so they could surf Google Earth. [PSFK]

Why so sad model boy? You get to wear the new Haversack clothes, homie! And the collection is now available at Oki-Ni! [HYR Collective]

Kaws opens in L.A. this week, drawing inspiration from pieces that we've seen on Pharrell and Nigo's walls. Check the link for a preview. [Slam x Hype]

The new Justice x SoMe x Coke ad is on the net. Maybe a year and a half late? [Hypebeast]

Red Wing Black Chrome Leather boots. Very nice. [HYR Collective]