The new RVCA T-shirts are dope and feature art by Barry McGee, Andrew Pommier, Ben Horton, and Ed Templeton. Makes you wonder why you bought all that streetwear shit a few years ago. [Guillotine]

Casio's Men in Black G-Shock pack launches this Feb in Japan, and we should see some U.S. trickle down over the next few weeks. [Hypebeast]

The French artist SoMe and the French band Justice just teamed up on the new Coke bottle. It looks better when you're on ecstasy. [High Snobiety]

What do you do after you found Vice Magazine and then leave because it's too mainstream? Make a video about fighting toddlers, of course. [Pedestrian]

The Clipse's clothing line, Playcloths, just updated its site with the new gear for Spring. [Playcloths]