Illustration courtesy of ValetMag

Pay attention to detail'that's always been our motto here at the Eckoplex. While a lot of you throw on a button-up and call it a day, it's actually really important that you're wearing it right. While the button-up has had mass appeal since Jay-Z told everyone to change clothes, there are little things can be done to ensure you stick out from rest.

Which brings us to the all-important shirt collar. It's had its ups and downs (the recent popped-collar epidemic comes to mind) but in 2009, we're offering you a chance to rock your button-up'and more specifically, your collars'the right way. Follow this blueprint to shirt-collar success, and you'll be good money when you're out and about...

• Point collars are the go-to for businessmen who still have their jobs (ha!). The advantage to wearing a pointed collar is that it comes with varying point lengths, allowing for a versatile look. This collar is considered an upgrade to regular button-ups, which is why it's the choice of of those with paper.
Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Hairline Framed Stripe Dress Shirt, $80

• Our stylish brethren across the pond made this collar style a classic. Accentuate the elegance of the collar with the help of a tie; make the look official with a Windsor knot.
Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Sea Island Cotton Herringbone Luxury Dress Shirt, $295

• This collar style is distinctively American and can be pulled off in a number of ways. We suggest rocking it with a a tie, or just rolling up your sleeves in architect mode.
Brooks Brothers Button-Down Supima, $80

• What's the tab, you ask? This type of collar is built to fit higher on the neck. The tabs allow for the collar points to be pulled downward while the knot of your tie is given a push upward. Button this one up to make mom happy, then make sure you avoid the weird people at your formal dinner.
Public School Battleford White Shirt, $169

• As the name suggests, this collar is a bankable style. The shirt was originally designed with a detachable collar in a different color than the actual shirt. The contrasting colors look dope, and also have standout appeal.
Brooks Brothers Alternate Pencil Stripe Luxury Dress Shirt, $68

• This collar style is BBC official: Pharrell has gotten red-carpet ready with the help of this club-collared shirt. The narrow collar has a slightly rounded edge and designer Ralph Lauren has recently given this style some burn in his new collection. Give this one a try if you like your clothes like your women: a little curvy.
Ralph Lauren Custom-Fit Stripe Club Oxford, $50