T-Mobileites rejoice! The new Blackberry Curve is just a few days away (February 11th)! Check these first impressions by some guys who got the review unit before us. [Gizmodo]

The 400% Terminator Be@rbrick is on pre-sale (out in June), and it is terrifying. If for some nutjob reason you buy this thing make sure to keep it at your office instead of your home, and never work late. [Like Cool]

Scott Sternberg, of Opening Ceremony, just put down a rules of life type of interview with this blog, Loudreams. Our immediate reaction was to pass (Pretentious!), but the dude has some funny/good points, and you might want to heed them if you find yourself at scum-of-the-earth NYC fashion week parties next month. [Loudreams via Marcus Troy]

Altamont x No Age T-Shirts: They will make you cooler. [High Snobiety]

The Vans Syndicate Half Cabs with Eric Dressen are simple, wearable, and awesome. Coming soon. [Sneaker Files]

We're not sure whether we want to skate these custom painted skate decks or hang them on the wall, but either way they're dope. Check it out. [Abztract]