The Agenda Tradeshow went down last week in San Diego, and Incase was there showing off some of its new wares including the Steven Harrington products from the Curated by Arkitip series. Look for this laptop sleeve and iPhone case to drop Feb. 3rd at Incase retailers globally.

Yo, why won't you guys let Kanye be great? I mean, check out the Air Loueezy's! How awesome are those? Oh wait, maybe here's why. Ti$a is gonna mess your whole shit up, mang. [SoleBLVD]

Oh wow, these speakers are awesome (do not click if you can't do NSFWs. It's not porno, but its a female mannequin with speakers for boobs). [Gizmodo]

Ato = no one cares anymore. You guys should have put up an Online store when you had the chance. [High Snobiety]

How to get free advertising for your shitty product: give it to the bloggers. [Marcus Troy]