It's a big day today, if you happen to be an American. Microsoft and CNN are working on a program where images of the actual innaguration "moment" will be compiled into a super file that will allow users to view the man getting all jobbed up in 360 degrees and variable levels of zoom. For an idea of what that might turn out like, check out the Daft Punk version from last year's ALIVE tour. [CNN, via Freshness]

This new (to us) brand White Mountaineering is getting mad hype on the WWW these days, and a new footwear collab with Timberland looks real nice. [High Snobiety]

Converse x ACDC and Converse x Metallica? Horns up. [Vagant]

New Pendleton vests to help the big man get his (Commander In) Chief on. [Hypebeast]

Head Porter
x Original Fake: too litte, too late, or ultimate Japanese freakout? You decide. [Slam x Hype]

Some new colors on the Casio Mudman. Who says general releases can't get it done? [Crunch Gear]