The selvage (or "selvedge") denim movement has lost a little prestige in recent years as the once coveted descriptor has become as commonplace as "organic" or "hybrid." Nevertheless, a good pair of selvage jeans'that is, denim woven with one continuous thread on an old-style shuttle loom'remains a timeless look.

Which brings us to today's Buy It Now: raw selvedge denim from Helmut Lang. This straight-leg, button-fly jean comes in a dark gray wash and epitomizes the brand's minimalist design. That means no garish logos on the back pockets (or anywhere, for that matter), leaving a pair of jeans you'll be able to rock any time, any place. See below for a back-pocket detail pic and Buy It Now info...
Helmut Lang Raw Selvedge Denim
Click Here To Buy It Now At Barney's, $245