Unfortunately for many of you, it's back to school season. Whether you're going back to the halls of high school or moving back into your dorm room for college, now is probably the time you are getting everything situated. 

While supplies, books, and some new pieces in the wardrobe are all important things to consider, there is one piece that you will undoubtedly be using more than any other—a backpack. We know it’s been awhile since a lot of you have had to attend class in-person, so maybe it’s time to give the one you had been using before a quick re-up. Tons of brands make a good backpack these days. You have the tried and true affordable options from labels like JanSport and Eastpak. Some of your favorite streetwear brands like Bape, Undefeated, Union Los Angeles, and more have also provided their own creative spins on backpacks albeit for a little bit of a price hike.

No matter what your budget or taste is, we have selected something for everyone. Take a look below for the 15 best backpacks to buy for back to school.