The following is a Four Pins sponsored post because someone's gotta pay to keep the lights on, ya dig?

Levi’s denim has been around since 1873. That’s fucking insane. You know what else is still in operation since 1873? Not much except latent socio-economic racism, systemic political corruption and the fact that everyone on Earth still loves gold. (I know, I know, everyone always says Levi’s were made and sold to gold miners, but you and I both know that the California Gold Rush peaked in 1849 and Levi’s weren’t sold until 1873, but don’t be that know it all guy, just let me just finish my story, dick.) They still find old Levi’s in crazy abandoned mines—they are that old and that prominent in our cultural lexicon. You know how French people are always like, “Ugh, you Americans and your weak coffee and bourgeoisie social mores”? WELL, SUCK IT FRANCE BECAUSE EVERYONE IN THE WORLD WANTS A PAIR OF AMERICAN BLUE JEANS. Yep, one of the most enduring American cultural gifts to the world was invented and developed by an immigrant. IT’S LIKE THE AMERICAN DREAM WRIT LARGE, NAH MEAN? As if we haven't gassed 'em up enough, here are even ten more reasons why Levi’s still make the best jeans in the world.