The first thing you should know: they’re all sold out right now. So hold your horses and take a moment to breathe before you liquidate your 401(k) or sell all your sneakers.

As with sports cards, there are options for both the budget-conscious and high-rollers. You can (normally, when items are in stock) buy a pack for as little as $9. Similarly, on the secondary market, a Bismack Biyombo reverse layup is currently listed for $18. Not bad.

But it’s like buying a sweater—if you get one from H&M, it probably will feel nice in the moment, but won’t give you much long-term value. The bigger the player’s name, the more jaw-dropping the play, the bigger the potential rewards—and, of course, the higher the price tag. For example, this LeBron James dunk sold for $3,800.

And the numbers keep growing. Last week, FantasyLabs co-founders Jonathan Bales and Peter Jennings bought a Ja Morant highlight—a clip of him dunking over Aron Baynes in a clutch moment last year—for $35,000. (Of course fantasy guys are first to this market.) Not to be outdone, SnapBack Sports founder Jack Settleman led a group that purchased a James dunk for $47,500.