The back-and-forth between Quavo and Kendrick Perkins came to a head when the Migos member made an appearance on Thursday’s episode of ESPN’s First Take.

When Perkins and Quavo finally came face-to-face (kinda), Big Perk had a lot to get off his chest. First, he and the show’s hosts—except for Stephen A. Smith, who was completely unaware of the history—wanted to know why Quavo decided to single him out on the track, “Fuck 12,” from his 2018 debut solo album, Quavo Honcho

Quavo explained that he was recording the album during Cleveland’s match-up against the Toronto Raptors during the 2018 Eastern Conference playoffs. Although Perk wasn’t part of the playoff rotation, he became a character in its storyline by getting into a spat with Drake during game 1, which Quavo said inspired the lyrics.

“You wanted to argue and wanted to fight. Why you want to cause so much chaos if you ain’t playing?” Quavo said. “If you ain’t playing you shouldn’t be trying to fight.”

Perkins responded by recounting how the confrontation with Drake started and claiming that he didn’t start the altercation. He then admitted to the fact that his career was towards its end in 2018, so he wasn’t playing as much as he would’ve in his prime. But, he insists that he was integral to the Celtics’ success when he was in Boston. 

“When I was putting in work you probably still had Similac on your breath when I was helping the Celtics go to the Finals,” Perkins told the Migos member.

Despite the different ways they view the game, Quavo and Perkins were able to settle their differences during the segment. Quavo even stated that he was willing to do a song for Perkins’ children because they like his music and enjoyed the bar in “Fuck 12.”

“All jokes aside, it ain’t never no beef with Big Perk, man,” Quavo said. “It’s all love. It was just a bar.”

Aside from jousting with Perkins, Quavo also talked about his beloved Atlanta Hawks.

Watch Quavo’s full appearance on the show above.