This NFL offseason is poised to be one of the craziest we’ve ever seen. There’s more quarterbacks available than ever before, and teams will be scurrying to get under a shrinking cap number thanks to the pandemic’s unintended effects. We’ll see veterans swapping teams in an unprecedented fashion through free agency.

Half the league is in a tough cap crunch and will be restructuring deals to move money around, while the other half is ready to pick up value free agents looking for greener pastures. Contenders will be taking tough losses as they prioritize their in-house free agents and we’ll see teams flush with money trying to get value wherever they can before April’s draft. Paying more right now can help ease the pain coming in later years since the cap should explode when COVID-19 is controlled.

We’re breaking down the top 30 NFL free agents this offseason and projecting their best fits and contracts. This is a deep class that will see over 100 quality players move across the league, so the cap-strapped teams can absolutely get a game-changer for cheap this spring.