Tom Brady pretty much ended the “Greatest QB of All Time” debate this February. The Pats’ QB now has five Super Bowls, is in the top five of just about every major passing category, and, at 39 years old, it’s still possible that Brady’s best days in the NFL are ahead of him. Tom Terrific showed zero signs of slowing down with his 28 touchdown, two interception 2016, and a retooled roster has the New England Patriots as favorites to repeat in 2017.

The Patriots will make the playoffs again in all likelihood, as they have in Brady’s last 13 seasons at starting quarterback. But, even Brady has had some bad games as a player. And occasionally, Brady has cost the Patriots their season. Occasionally.

Thankfully for Brady and Pats fans, the amount of games that Brady has cost the Pats is just a sliver of the amount of gamesand titlesthey couldn’t have won without him. He can go 0-16 for the next five years and still go down in sports as the greatest quarterback of all timeand Boston would think no less of him.

And you know Brady’s so great because a story like this wouldn’t be needed for someone who was routinely so bad. Who’s going to read a list of Mark Sanchez’s worst games? Presumably, most of the people coming to read this article are doing so to get a glimpse at a side of Tom Brady that appears about as often as Halley’s Comet. And many Brady haters would admittedly say that they wish this Tom Brady appeared more often.

This list includes 12 games for obvious reasons, but to be honest, there weren’t even many more to chose from. Brady made compiling this list very easy by virtue of being the best quarterback to ever play. So with that said, enjoy the 12 worst games of Tom Brady’s career.