If we’re being honest, the most disappointing thing about 2017 is that there still aren’t cars that can leave the ground and hover above cities, leaving traffic jams and road rage behind. Despite the frantic race to create a car of our Back To The Future dreams that actually works, even autonomous cars being commonplace still feels like it’s a ways off (speed it up, Google). The arrival of truly futuristic driving remains something to fantasize about while you’re rolling down the highway at a cool 20 mph because everyone ahead of you needs to slow down to look at that police officer writing someone a ticket.  

Though we’re still forced to settle for plain old, wheels on the ground and driver behind the wheel vehicles, the upside is that luxury and supercar designers are as creative and bold as ever. If you’re fortunate enough to possess the type of dough it would take to secure one of the cars on this list, you might end up praying that flying cars never come to fruition. Flying down the road going over 200 mph in a $3 million whip is just too much fun— rappersathletes, and actors alike flexing these cars can't argue with that. 

From a car built in Dubai that features actual diamonds embedded in the headlights, just in case you want to stunt at an outrageous level, to a vehicle that can rev its engine up to speeds of almost 190 mph in an absurd 10.9 seconds, to a Ferrari convertible (why, god?), these are the ten most expensive cars in the world (ahead of auction prices, of course). As always, please be sure to buckle your seatbelt.