Despite this age of media trending toward video, podcasts are at an all-time high, especially in sports. You can get more entertainment and information from hour-long podcasts than from your standard sports television show, and there’s no commercials.

It’s been four years since we last listed the 25 best sports podcasts, and much has evolved. ESPN archives live radio shows after completion, which makes them podcasts as far as we’re concerned. And outlets like the Players’ Tribune and Uninterrupted have allowed the athletes to join in as well. We’ve heard NBA players like JJ Redick and Draymond Green, MLB players like CC Sabathia, and NFL players like Victor Cruz behind the mic, expressing opinions and shedding light on life as an athlete. Listeners now can get a glimpse of the life of an athlete from a primary source instead of the common secondary source in reporters.

We’ve trimmed the list down to 20 spots and you’re less likely to see outdated shows like The Dan Patrick Show and Mike & Mike on this year’s list. There’s a new crop of podcasters in addition to some old names that deserve to keep their recognition. Here are our 20 best sports podcasts of 2017:

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