It seems like just yesterday we were the watching Baby-faced Assassin Stephen Curry light up the NCAA Tournament, putting the Davidson Wildcats on the map. Two NBA championships and league MVPs later, Steph Curry is viewed as a world icon and revolutionary player in the game of basketball.

He’s developed a rivalry with arguably the most talented player basketball has ever seen, and has inarguably earned the title of best shooter to ever play the game. Many gave up on Curry or doubted him early on in his career, due to his inability to stay healthy. To be fair, his constant ankle injuries initially hindered him from breaking out into his superstar potential. Still, there were people who doubted him before he even played an NBA game.

Even those who claim to have always known Curry would be good, virtually no one believed he would be this good. He’s become a household name, and he’s already a lock for the Hall of Fame, though his prime is far from over; Curry could very well add a few more NBA titles to his resume before it’s all said and done.

He’s dazzled us with his shooting ability, but Curry is more than a shooter. If Kyrie Irving wasn’t in the league, Curry would potentially hold the title for the best ball handler in the game, to say nothing of his eye-popping passing ability. Curry also doesn’t get enough credit for his ability to hit the big shot down the stretch as he’s done throughout his career, even today, playing with Kevin Durant.

In honor of Curry turning 30 years old this week, let’s take a look back at the 30 greatest basketball highlights of his career.