During the latest episode of The Draymond Green Show, Steph Curry was asked by Draymond to share his thoughts on the prospect of playing with LeBron James, who on last week’s episode of The Shop revealed he would love to play with the Golden State Warriors star guard.

Curry, who last week raised eyebrows when he responded to LeBron’s comments by saying that he’s “good right now,” admitted that the possibility of playing alongside James is “surreal,” while recalling the first time the two future Hall of Famers met when LeBron watched Steph play in college at Davidson. He also explained why he responded the way he did.

“It is surreal because I will never be so far removed from this time when I was in Detroit playing in a Sweet 16 game and this dude was in his fourth or fifth season, and he’s coming to my game and supporting and cheering and doing all that stuff,” Curry told Green. “Even at the place he was at in his career – the future superstar, Hall of Famer, potentially greatest of all time – the fact that we are 13 years removed from that and he’s saying that, it’s still crazy. … I will never be too far removed from my journey so that’s dope and that’s the surreal part.”

Curry added, “Not a lot of people know this, but he gave me a jersey when I was in college at Davidson, and I still have it on the wall at my parents’ house back in Charlotte. He [signed] it — to the king of basketball in North Carolina.”

Curry went on to say that he is curious about what it would be like to play alongside LeBron, and explained the reasoning behind his initial “good right now” response.

“The other part is, you take a fantasy draft and you’re building a team out and you take what Bron can do and the way that I can shoot the ball, obviously there’s a curiosity of like, ‘What would that look like?’” Steph continued. “But also there’s a realism and that’s why I said, ‘I’m good right now,’ is, you can never let your mind go from what you know is your situation and your moment, your time and who I have been rocking with from Day 1.”

He concluded, “That’s my best answer because it’s fantasy, it’s wild but there’s a respect and appreciation and a surrealness because of where I came from and how we interacted in college. But if this was 2K that would be pretty lethal.”

Watch Curry’s full thoughts about LeBron wanting to play with him up top.