Complex Networks in conjunction with go90 has launched their newest series—QB1. From Friday Night Lights director, Peter Berg, QB1 follows the lives of three of the top quarterbacks in the country during their senior year of high school. In episode five, we see how the younger siblings of the star quarterbacks have to live in the shadow of their brothers both on and off the field. 

We see Tate Martell, who will be heading to Ohio State University, has a great relationship with his younger sister Rylee, as she puts a face mask on him. Martell, who was gearing up to play one of the Nation's best high schools from California, seemed to struggle early in his game. The crowd obviously knowing who Martell was started chanting, "We want Rylee." Martell's struggles didn't last long as he led the number one team in the nation to victory

Jake Fromm's younger brother plays on the same football team as him, so his situation is a little different. The Fromm brothers are competitive no matter what they're doing, even if that includes playing a friendly game of basketball in the driveway. Tayvon Bowers made his younger brother cry after beating him on a game of 1v1 in basketball. Anyone with a sibling can relate, but it's just a good dose of tough love.

Catch episode five above of QB1 on go90, or watch the rest of the episodes right here