A rumor circulating about Patrick Mahomes speaking with his fiancée and brother about not coming to his games was quickly refuted on Friday.

It all picked up steam when FOX Sports Radio’s Rich Ohrnberger took to Twitter to report that Mahomes had asked his brother and fiancée not to attend any Kansas City Chiefs games next season, as a result of the pair becoming a “distraction.” 

“I’ve been been told Patrick Mahomes had a sit down following the season with his brother and fiancée,” Ohrnberger wrote. “Ultimately it concluded with him asking them to not attend any games this upcoming season.”

Ohrnberger added, “Mahomes believes that Jackson and Brittany have become a distraction, and their sideline antics are bad for his brand.”

Just an hour after the wild rumor began circulating on social media, a source close to Mahomes told TMZ Sports that the report is fake news. 

“The convo simply never happened,” the insider said. “Patrick can’t wait to have his loved ones cheering him on in 2022.”

Earlier in the week, social media commented on Mahomes and Matthew after ESPN2 cameras captured an interaction between the couple during Texas Tech’s game against Baylor.

“Poor Patrick. Have to feel for the guy,” one tweet that has since gone viral read.

As the internet trolls piled on Brittany, Mahomes took to Twitter to defend his fiancée. “Man, people are weird,” the quarterback wrote, to which Matthews responded, “I love you.”