San Francisco 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa has been in hot water recently due to his vaccine-hesitant comments, but now his girlfriend is under fire for offensive tweets.

On Sunday, Twitter account Resist Programming highlighted and archived a series of offensive tweets from Bosa’s girlfriend, Jenna Berman. Since the tweets have started to circulate, she has deleted her entire Twitter account and has made her Instagram account with over 270k followers private.

A large number of these tweets, which mostly appear to be from 2013 and 2014, feature her using the n-word. The tweets range from her referencing songs to her asserting that her ancestry results showed she has “African American in me,” and that she “knew” she was “half black.” In another tweet, she quoted “I swear to you I’m a n***er magnet.”

She didn’t just stop at racial slurs, however, as other tweets show her using homophobic slurs, too. “One direction is a buncha f*gs,” she wrote in one of her since-deleted tweets.

While a good majority of these tweets are relatively old, it was also pointed out that Berman had expressed anti-vaccine and anti-mask sentiments as recently as this year. “Miss me with that,” she wrote in response to a tweet about the COVID-19 vaccine last year. Prior to that, she had also expressed her support for Donald Trump, and said that he “needs to be re-elected.”

Nick Bosa himself, meanwhile, said as recently as last week that he was still “evaluating everything” regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. “I haven’t made a decision quite yet,” he said. “But I’m following the protocols and will see where it goes.” Prior to his signing with the 49ers in 2019, Bosa had expressed support for Donald Trump and criticized Colin Kaepernick.

Check out reactions to the resurfaced tweets below.