We made it, guys. The NFL is back and it's hard not to appreciate having football back in our lives after it looked like it might not happen because of the Covid-19 pandemic. And who knows what will happen this season, but as of now, they're playing and we're ready for it. Of course, the season will look different than most. A good amount of teams won't have fans to start the season and with a shortened offseason, the football could look a little ugly to start the season.

We've already ranked every QB in the NFL and gave you our full season predictions for every single team, as well as playoff predictions. And now just like last year, we're bringing you guys weekly predictions for every single NFL game. These are straight up picks and not ATS. For all our NFL bets of the week, tune into the Complex Sports 'Load Management' podcast, where we break down every game by the spread. We're all 0-0. Let's have some fun. 

Kansas City Chiefs (-9) vs. Houston Texans 

Chopz: Going with the Chiefs. If this was based on the spread, I’d think long and hard about going with the Texans and the points, but straight up give me Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in a close one. 

Adam: We’re not picking against the spread here because if we were I’d tell you to take the points and the Texans because Deshaun Watson is a cover machine on the road. But since these are just straight up picks, only a Bill O’Brien sycophant (if they even exist) would pick the defending Super Bowl champs to be upset in the opener. 

Zion: Chiefs win big in the season opener. Pumped-in crowd noise will be too much for the Texans. 

Angel: I’m taking the Chiefs and don’t expect the Texans to cover because they traded their best receiver for nothing. Houston needs a bad season to finally rid themselves of the inept Bill O’Brien.

Minnesota Vikings (-2.5) vs. Green Bay Packers

Chopz: This is tough. Give me the Packers on the road. The lack of a crowd should help Rodgers and company here. 

Adam: Home team has generally excelled in this matchup over the past two seasons, but we all know home field advantage will largely be non-existent this season. Rolling with Captain Covid Kirk Cousins and the Vikings in this division showdown. 

Zion: Aaron Rodgers is playing pissed off this year. Big season for the Pack coming up and they’ll start it with a win. 

Angel: The Packers didn’t give Rodgers the weapons he needs yet he and the Pack still find a way to get a win on the road. Give me Green Bay.

Detroit Lions (-2.5) vs. Chicago Bears

Chopz: I’ll go with the Lions, even though Bears starter Mitch Trubisky has fared well against them in the past. I just think the Lions have some underrated weapons going into the season, plus Matt Stafford is healthy. 

Adam: It’s not a fair fight comparing the QBs in this matchup, but in Week 1 it’s probably worth taking an underdog or two that features the superior defense considering we know so little about these teams as the season starts. Give me Chicago. 

Zion: Bears.

Angel: Da Bears. I think this is the year Mitch figures it out and regains some of that magic from his rookie year. No crowd is going to help him immensely this season.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+8) vs. Indianapolis Colts

Chopz: Do the Jaguars even have enough players to field a team or did they trade everyone away? I know the phrase “Any Given Sunday” exists for these type of situations, but give me the Colts. 

Adam: Watch, 90 percent of people in your neighborhood NFL suicide pool will pick the Colts this week. As they should. Indy big.   

Zion: This game is awful but there’s probably not a worse team than the Jaguars. Colts. 

Angel: What the hell is Jacksonville doing down there in Florida? I’m taking the Colts in an easy one.

Carolina Panthers (+3) vs. Las Vegas Raiders 

Chopz: I’ll go with the Panthers at home here. Not sure why they’re the underdog, really. It’s not like the Raiders have proved that they’re a consistently good team over the past few years. 

Adam: Take the home dog against the formerly west coast team playing at 1 pm ET on the east coast. 

Zion: Panthers. Run CMC goes off. 

Angel: Vegas knows something we don’t. I won’t let them trick me like Pat Bev. Give me the playoff-bound Las Vegas Raiders. Yeah, I said it.

Buffalo Bills (-6.5) vs. New York Jets 

Chopz: This one doesn’t seem very tough. The Bills are the better team, so they’ll win. 

Adam: In my humble opinion, the Jets will be lucky to win 6 games. This will not be one of them. Bills, but closer than the experts think. 

Zion: I’m picking the upset here, Jets win. 

Angel: The Bills will bring us closer to Adam Gase not having a job. They may even finally win the division too. Give me Buffalo.

Washington Football Team (+6) vs. Philadelphia Eagles 

Chopz: I’ll take the Eagles over the Football Team, which is still weird to type out. But yeah, give me Philly in a blowout. 

Adam: The biggest upset of the week will be if there isn’t another report outlining the (allegedly) deplorable behavior by those in charge of the Washington Football Team. There will be no upset on the football field as the Eagle trounce the WFT. 

Zion: Eagles. Don’t think we need much of an explanation for this one. 

Angel: This is a make or break year for Carson Wentz and I expect Philly to start the year off with a win. 

New England Patriots (-6.5) vs. Miami Dolphins 

Chopz: The Patriots always seem to struggle with the Dolphins and we all remember the Fitzmagic upset that happened in week 17 last year. I’ll go with the Pats, but could see this being closer than people think. 

Adam: The Dolphins haven’t played particularly well up in New England for what feels like a decade, but again, home field advantage ain’t really a thing this season. Let’s throw a curveball here and pick the Dolphins to upset the Patriots. 

Zion: CAM NEWTON SZN. The Pats are actually…. Likable. Pats roll. 

Angel: I think Cam starts the year off with a victory up in Foxborough. I think the Dolphins will cover, though. 

Baltimore Ravens (-8) vs. Cleveland Browns 

Chopz: Sigh, here we go again. Do I let my Browns fandom cloud my judgement again this season or look at this through a clear lens? You bet your ass I’m picking the Browns, baby. Redemption season for Baker and the Browns. 

Adam: Closer than the experts think, but I’ve got way more trust in Lamar Jackson and the Ravens than I do Baker Mayfield and the Browns. Ravens eek one out. 

Zion: Ravens. Browns misery continues. 

Angel: Give me the Ravens in a route for chaos purposes.

Bengals (+3.5) vs. Chargers 

Chopz: Maybe the most “meh” game of the weekend. I’ll pick the Chargers, but I honestly don’t know. 

Adam: Joe Burrow’s about to have a rude welcome to the NFL facing that Chargers pass rush that will make his life a living hell Sunday. Chargers on the road. 

Zion: I’m taking Joe Burrow in his NFL debut. 

Angel: Give me the Bengals in a close one as Joe Burrow starts off his pro career undefeated.

Falcons (+1.5) vs. Seahawks 

Chopz: I’ll go with the Seahawks on the road here. Cross country travel isn’t the ideal way to start a season, but I think they’re the better team and will get it done in Atlanta. 

Adam: Toss up game and if you buy heavily into the whole west coast team playing at 1 pm ET on the east coast letdown theory (see above), take the Falcons. Personally, I believe more in Mr. Unlimited so give me the Seahawks. 

Zion: Seahawks in a close one. 

Angel: Mr...Un...LIMited and the Hawks will get it done on the road.

Saints (-3.5) vs. Bucs 

Chopz: You really going to pick against Tom Brady in his first game with the Bucs? I get that it’s on the road, but give me Tampa Bay here. Nobody knows pressure like Brady. 

Adam: Saints because Drew Brees has been under center in New Orleans so long Lil Jon’s transformed from club anthem king to a character on commercials. Continuity matters and it's going to take a few weeks for the Bucs to figure things out. 

Zion: Saints. 

Angel: I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid just yet. The Saints will cover.

49ers (-7) vs. Cardinals 

Chopz: This should be closer than that point spread suggests, but I’ll still pick the 49ers to win straight up. 

Adam: Cardinals would be a sexy upset selection and it feels like a lot of people are tabbing them to be the surprise squad of 2020, but the season starts off with an L for Arizona. 

Zion: I’ll go with the defending runner ups because they should have the defense to neutralize Kyler and Hop. 

Angel: Arizona will be ready to play but I think they lose to the Niners in a close one because that San Fran defense is just too good.

Rams (+3) vs. Cowboys 

Chopz: Dallas gets it done as the Rams open their brand new stadium, which sadly will have no fans in it. I think the Cowboys are in for a big season. 

Adam: Taylor Swift was supposed to open SoFi Stadium with a concert—I’m sure Al Michaels will remind us during the broadcast—but this is an immeasurably better way to christen the bajillion dollar arena next to LAX. If fans were allowed inside, it’d be full of Cowboys supporters because LA is largely indifferent to the two local squads and if said fans were allowed to witness the action they’d watch Big D slap around the Rams on Sunday night. 

Zion: Cowboys christen the Rams new stadium. No fans saved this from being a Dallas home game.

Angel: I’ll take the Cowboys as they try to pick up the pieces from a very disappointing 2019 season.

Giants (+5.5) vs. Steelers 

Chopz: This one is tough. You usually don’t see a home team giving that many points this early in the season. I’ll take the Giants here. 

Adam: Closer than the experts think, but Steelers emerge as the early Monday Night Football winners. 

Zion: Daniel Jones year 2 is about to be scary. Giants win. 

Angel: The Giants because we have a football guy as coach and Big Ben is washed up!

Denver (+1.5) vs. Titans 

Chopz: The Von Miller is just a killer injury for the Broncos. I'll take the Titans here. 

Adam: Put me down for the Titans who on paper are the superior squad.

Zion: No Von. No worries for Titans. Tennessee rolls. 

Angel: Maybe this spread is close because of the altitude? I was gonna go with the Broncos but Von Miller is out for the season and the Titans are gonna wanna prove that last season was no fluke. Give me the Titans.