A busy offseason filled with veterans swapping teams amidst cap-induced decisions has left the NFL landscape as unclear as it has ever been. The top of the AFC and NFC have big threats to win the Super Bowl. Some teams have excellent offensive units, while others are more stacked on defense.

We’re ranking the top 10 most talented NFL rosters across the league. While the quarterback position makes the biggest difference, these 10 teams have built something potentially special on at least one side of the ball. There’s no reason why teams on this list shouldn’t be contending for a playoff spot in 2021.

Impact starters and true stars can help carry a roster to a title. But the wrong deficiency can also hamstring the best of teams. Finding the right balance of elite talent and depth is the toughest task every general manager faces each offseason.

The free agency period and NFL Draft brought a ton of change. Let’s dive into the 10 best rosters across the league.