Everybody else does ‘em, so why not get in on the fun? 

Welcome to the debut edition of our NBA power rankings where we’ll survey the entire league and appropriately order all 30 squads based on their record, recent play, net rating, and the ultra-subjective eye test. You’ll agree with most of the order. There will, of course, be some disagreements, most especially the closer we get to the top. But that's fine. And to be expected. This ain't gospel and, more than anything, it's a tidy snapshot of what’s going on across the Association right now.

Quick note: If you’re unfamiliar with net rating, know that it’s a team's average point differential, or more specifically the difference between a team's offensive rating per 100 possessions compared to its defensive rating per 100 possessions. We’re featuring it because NBA champions almost always end up owning a top 5 net rating—team's that barely score more points than they allow usually do not end up having deep playoff runs. So it’s kind of noteworthy/important.

We’ll be updating the rankings every other week, so there are no massive knee jerk reactions to a few bad games. As we enter February, here’s where we stand: