We’re almost back to real basketball. All the teams that have been invited to Orlando have arrived there to quarantine and start practicing for the first time in what feels like five years. We’ll see if this thing gets off the ground and actual games actually start at the end of this month. If nothing else, there’s hope. 

The NBA Draft hasn’t changed in the last couple of weeks in terms of news. The lottery is still slated for August 25, and the draft is set to be held on October 16. It’s fair to expect both those dates are subject to change if things don’t go according to plan in Orlando with the bubble. 

In our fifth version of the mock draft, the Cavs give up the first pick (really starting to doubt their lottery magic after they’re just 1-for-5 in grabbing the top pick) to Detroit, with Atlanta sliding in second, the Cavs falling to third, and Phoenix jumping up all the way to fourth. 

NBA Draft Order
Image via Tankathon