What the Warriors do with the second pick is one of the more interesting things to watch in this draft. It’s not often that a team as loaded as Golden State gets to pick this high in a draft, but when Klay Thompson misses the entire season, Stephen Curry misses most of it, and the rest of the roster is composed of mostly borderline-NBA players, this is the outcome. Trading the pick might make the most sense for the Warriors, especially considering they’ve got a large contract to attach to it (hello, Andrew Wiggins) to bring in another star to the roster.

Deni Avdija would fit into the offense relatively seamlessly. He’s not a great shooter at the current moment, but with Curry and Thompson on the floor, that’s not an issue. What he is, however, is a strong playmaking wing. Getting the ball to the scorers that Golden State has is the top priority. While letting Curry cook is going to always be an option, but getting the ball to those guys in more creative ways could certainly open up the offense even more.