Team: Heat
2016-17 stats: None
Salary: $23.7 million

Bosh’s career is likely over due to a heart issue, which is unfortunate because of how truly great he was in his 13-years playing. This situation has also led to quite the conflict between Bosh and the Heat. Despite the fact that Bosh failed a physical this season and was unable to play all year, he is still not officially retired and hopes to make a comeback. The Heat feel, as do several NBA doctors who have examined Bosh, that his heart ailment is a career-ender. While this complicated confrontation has taken place, Bosh’s $23.7 million contract has continued to count against the team’s salary cap.

Miami is working on a deal with Bosh and the Players’ Association to get his salary off the books, but any official deal would still likely allow Bosh to collect the $52 million still owed to him over the next two seasons. Bosh was the 11th-highest-paid player in the league this season, despite not playing a single game, and he’ll be among the highest the next two seasons, as well. All the while, playing again remains unlikely.

An 11-time All-Star, Bosh was perhaps the most underrated and underappreciated player of his generation. He played much of his early career in obscurity with bad Raptors teams, and was known mostly as “That Third Guy” on the Heat Big Three teams. He may have never received the fanfare or media attention that he deserved, but at least he’ll be leaving the NBA with quite the payday.