No one could’ve predicted how challenging 2020 would be. One minute we’re all commuting to work or school and living our lives as we’ve known it. The next, we’re sheltering in place and working remotely. The drastic shift, which took place almost overnight, was especially difficult for public figures who perform and compete in front of large crowds. But like the rest of us, they also pivoted and made the best of an unexpected situation. 

Recently retired UFC champ-turned-commentator Daniel Cormier and professional gamer Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma were forced to make significant adjustments in their lifestyles to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. For Cormier, golf became a refuge while Hungrybox found a second successful career in streaming his game play daily, and building his YouTube channel to more than 400k subscribers. 

For a lot of people, time indoors was mentally and physically exhausting, however, both Cormier and Hungrybox found a simple way to cope with pandemic fatigue. With its mixture of B-vitamins and caffeine, Monster Energy put some spring in their respective steps and helped them push through those tough days.

Now, as cities begin to loosen restrictions, any attempt to find normalcy is welcome. And a return to a pre-pandemic life means a return to what both men love most. Cormier and Hungrybox will participate in Monster Energy’s new Twitch show “Live and Unleashed.” Taking part in a MMA-focused round-robin tournament, the gamer and fighter will go head to head on August 11 in EA Sports UFC 4 before taking it to the mat for real and mixing it up in the octagon.

For Hungrybox and Cormier, it’s an opportunity to have a little fun in a unique event after a period when the world was completely shut down. Complex spoke with both men about the friendly competition, managing their time and mental health, and how they stayed energized during quarantine.