Well, the NFL offseason is here in a major way with the Detroit Lions trading Matthew Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams in a blockbuster deal. In return, the Rams are sending the Lions two 1st round picks, a 3rd rounder and Jared Goff. This is pretty shocking because nobody really thought the Rams had enough picks to get a deal done, but here we are. On the other hand, we all knew Stafford wanted out and a trade was coming.

The destination is just a shock, especially since the Rams just made a Super Bowl two years ago with Jared Goff. But the NFL is a cold business and Sean McVay now has Stafford in tow with one of the best defense in the league. That's scary for everyone. As for the Lions, they get some great picks in return as well as Goff, who hasn't been terrible in the league.

This will now surely set the Lions up to take a QB in this upcoming draft. It also now shines the light on Deshaun Watson and where he might end up, especially after we just saw what the compensation was for in this deal. All in all, this NFL offseason is going to be nuts. With the deal now done, we picked out winners and losers from the deal on both sides.