Lionel Messi received a threatening note after multiple gunmen attacked a supermarket owned by his wife’s family in Rosario, Argentina, ESPN reports.

On Thursday, approximately fourteen shots were fired at the shutters of the Unico store in Rosario by two individuals who were on a motorbike.

According to Rosario police, no one was hurt in the incident but there was damage done to the store. At the scene, a threatening note was left attached to a piece of cardboard. “Messi, we are waiting for you,” read the note. “Javkin is a drug dealer, he is not going to look after you.”

An investigation into the attack and the note is ongoing. In comments provided with reporters on Thursday, Rosario mayor Pablo Javkin expressed frustration at what he said is an increase in violence across the city. Earlier this week, he shared similar sentiments in a series of tweets in which he said the city needed more police officers and funding.

“Where are the ones who need to take care of us?” Javkin said in an interview with a local news station, per The Guardian, noting that he has repeatedly raised his concerns during meetings with federal and provincial officials. “It’s clear that those who have the weapons and have the possibility of investigating the criminals aren’t doing it, and it’s very easy for any gang to carry out something like this.” 

Messi hasn’t commented on the incident, nor has his wife Antonela Roccuzzo. The two are natives of Rosario.